Minsk: self-isolation index

Higher value of self-isolation level, the better

Self-isolation is one of main measures in fight against coronavirus epidemic. To represent how well people cope with this task, we came up with a score that shows level of self-isolation in different cities. To do this, we compare level of urban activity now and on a normal day before epidemic. If it is the same as in rush hour of a normal weekday, then level of self-isolation is low, 0 points, and this is bad. If city is quiet as at night — this is 5 points. The higher score, the harder it is for virus to spread.
self-isolation index is updated daily and calculated based on data from Yandex services.
Current self-isolation index in Minsk: 0.0
There are very many people on the street.
Data Updated 12:08, 4 August 2020 (MSK)
In Minsk at 12:22, at Tuesday before coronavirus: 0.0
Average index for 4 August is subtracting: 0.0
In Minsk live: 1 904 300 people.

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Self-isolation index in Minsk for 24 hours

The diagram shows how to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Minsk self-isolation index changes over the past day

Average self-isolation rate in Minsk

The diagram shows how average self-isolation index changes in context of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Minsk

How to observe self-isolation regime in other cities

The current self-isolation index is specified (12:08, 4 August 2020).

Statistics COVID-19 in Russia


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661 471 +7878


14 351 +144

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